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Hangover Cure
  • Hangover Cure

    Had a fun night out last night, but now feeling under the weather? No problem!


    Why suffer with that hangover for hours? This infusion can help alleviate hangover symptoms quickly. The Hangover Cure Infusion works by rehydrating your body and replenishing its vitamins and minerals to help you beat those ghastly hangover symptoms.


    This infusion includes: Zinc, B-complex, and Magnesium. You can even add on Zofran for your nausea and Toradol (an anti-inflammatory) for your headache.


    The Hangover Cure infusion will have you feeling back to yourself in no time.


      To order an infusion, simply call or email: 

      Jessica Steyer RN-BSN

      (410) 776-9152   /

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